In Selvino,
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Selvino and Surroundings

between Val Seriana and Val Brembana

A village nestled between two valleys, for endless leisure possibilities

Situated between the two Bergamo valleys of Val Seriana and Val Brembana on a plateau bordered by the Perello, Podona, Poieto, and Purito mountains, Selvino is a village rich in natural beauty and history, offering activities suitable for both couples and families, with enchanting places waiting to be discovered.

Thanks to its privileged location, it is possible to visit some of Lombardy’s most important attractions and locations in just one day.

Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Perello

Accessible with a 45-minute walk starting from the path 500 metres from the hotel, this sanctuary is one of the oldest in the Bergamo area. According to legend, it was built at the request of the Virgin Mary, who appeared here four times. A magical and spiritual place, embraced by greenery and the sounds of nature.

Borgo Taramelli

Part of one of Selvino’s oldest districts, this ancient village is a small treasure trove of stone houses embracing a characteristic central courtyard. Let yourself be amazed as you walk through alleys, arcades, and memories of times gone by!


Initially founded by the fascists to host the Balilla boys and young Italian girls, in 1945 Sciesopoli became a reception and recovery facility for hundreds of Jewish children who survived concentration camps. Until 1985, it operated as a school and summer camp and today is a real place of memory that emphasises the anti-fascist and anti-racist commitment of the country.


Memorial Museum of Sciesopoli and its children, born from the need to collect their stories with books, research, documentaries, exhibitions, and activities that keep their testimony alive. The large building where young people were educated in fascism has become a place of rebirth for the victims, and the message of hope is felt in every corner.

Terme di San Pellegrino

Just 15 km from the hotel, you’ll find the Terme di San Pellegrino, a true oasis of well-being with whirlpools, Kneipp paths, waterfalls, saunas, relaxation rooms, and special treatments to regenerate body and mind. Our guests have a special 10% discount on admission; you can’t miss it!


Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle

At Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle, located 29 km from Selvino, you can immerse yourself in a unique world inhabited by more than 120 species of animals from around the world, including mammals, birds, and reptiles, placed in environments that reproduce their natural habitat. A perfect visit for both adults and children.

Nearby Cities

Easily reach Bergamo, Milan, Bellagio, or Lake Iseo and Lake Garda: every Lombard destination is within reach, offering numerous opportunities to have fun and spend carefree and enjoyable days with your loved ones.

Still think the mountains are boring? Well, then look at all the things you can do here in summer and winter!

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