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In Selvino,
where comfort embraces nature.

Harmony Suite Hotel

Selvino, a small, peaceful oasis in Val Seriana

Unforgettable experiences in the heart of Selvino

Welcome to Selvino, a small, peaceful oasis in Val Seriana, in the province of Bergamo. An enchanting territory, rich in wonderful views, unspoiled places to spend, pleasant and serene moments, and plenty of activities to do in the surrounding areas.

For Families

Combine the tranquillity of mountain nature with the carefree atmosphere of a family vacation, where the well-being of children is always a top priority. Outdoor activities, a games room, a baby water park, and rooms that seem to come from a fairy tale: a magical vacation for them and full of relaxation and satisfaction for you.

Indulge in the beauty of a romantic escape in Val Seriana, where every moment is a precious memory to share with your loved ones. From intimate and modern suites to services, from details to atmosphere, everything is designed to offer you a beautiful couple’s vacation making you feel like you are touching the sky with a finger.

For Couples

Mountain Flavours

When mountain tradition meets the genuineness of high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, a unique culinary experience is born, ready to be savoured. Every day will be a journey among taste and emotion.

Mountain Flavours

Special offersand packages.

For a holiday that is not only beautiful, but also affordable!


Selvino, Your Way

Have fun with sports activities, excursions, and adventures or relax amid the silence of the woods, strolling through unspoiled nature? In Selvino, you can always choose to do whatever you love the most.

Val Seriana

Everything You Need

Whether your journey is a family trip or a romantic couple’s getaway, you’ll find everything you need to experience a charming mountain vacation, with services, pampering, and warm hospitality.

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