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We are Green

Every small gesture makes a difference

Respecting the environment for your well-being

At the Harmony Suite Hotel, we believe that taking care of the environment is a fundamental responsibility. Every small gesture makes a difference, and that’s why we have adopted a series of eco-friendly initiatives that not only make us green but also represent an advantage for you.

Well-being without waste

Unlike hotels that use disposable toiletries, which inevitably generate more waste, we have been choosing convenient dispenser products and 100% recyclable packaging for years. This not only significantly reduces plastic waste but also ensures a superior well-being experience for you, thanks to the eco-friendly VERO EVER GREEN line with organic Bach flower essences, without silicones, parabens, allergens, and not tested on animals.

The sun as an ally

We maximise the power of the sun to power our hotel through a solar thermal system for heating and a photovoltaic system for electricity. A significant portion of our energy needs come from renewable sources, with minimal environmental impact.

Less is more!

Every day, we do our part to contribute to the reduction of plastic use, promote recycling, and are mindful of all types of waste. We are committed to ensuring that everyone, from staff to guests, participates in our commitment.

Our goal is to protect the environment while offering you a pleasant and conscious experience for your vacation in Selvino.

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